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Sincere diplomacy is no more possible than dry water or wooden iron.
– Joseph Stalin


When a diplomat says yes he means perhaps; when he says perhaps he means no; when he says no he is no diplomat.


Don’t hit at all if it is honorably possible to avoid hitting; but never hit soft!
Theodore Roosevelt


Diplomacy is the velvet glove that cloaks the fist of power.
– Robin Hobb


In the end, the work of diplomats continues even while others fight. So, it’s not necessarily true that everyone needs to march.
– David Brin


Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.
– Mario Puzo


The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.
– Sun Tzu

Diplomacy Quote: The supreme art of war is to...

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Tact – is a weapon of mass harmonization; it brings men of war into terms where guns have failed to yield a single grain of victory.

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