Drugs Quotes and Sayings

Don’t do drugs,…we are too many now and there is less.

Submitted by: Me

Dope will take everything from you.

Submitted by: charleigh ann

A pharmacist is a drug dealer with an endless supply.

Submitted by: Cierra

Drugs kill.

Submitted by: Shreya

If weed was legalized, would potheads have anything left to talk about.

Submitted by: b

I say ‘no’ to drugs. Whenever someone asks me for some of my drugs
I say, ‘no’.
Rodney Dangerfield

Man: God, why did you put pot on earth if you didn’t want us to use it?
God: Well, I also put sharks and tigers and vaulters and spiders on earth. I never said to go mess with them.
Man: You are wise but then why is it bad if we use it if its just a plant?
God: Well, the opium poppy is just a plant. The cocoa plant is just a plant. Poison ivy is just a plant. The Manchineel tree is also just a plant. But would you mess with it?
Man: Well, no. But pot is an herb, and it grows fast plus all the seeds help it spread fast.
God: Well. Sage is also just an herb but if you smoke a certain kind you will die. I put the seeds there because every life form needs to create more to live. HIV spreads fast and you don’t see people wanting it. You see nothing is the way it seems.

Submitted by: MJaddict420yesitsaddicting

I’m very serious about no alcohol, no drugs. Life is too beautiful.
Jim Carrey

I’m not an addictive personality, I just like getting high, that’s all.
Rita Mae Brown

Every test I take I get low scores. Then finally. I got a high score! Unfortunately on a drug test!

Submitted by: AldinLopez

Say no to drugs.

Submitted by: cyherm"s

An addict’s biggest flaw is in denial, till you admit your wrongdoings for everything else will be your biggest and most deadly flaw.

Submitted by: Rachaell Lahage

Drugs don’t make you crazy they just let you be yourself.

Submitted by: Ciara

I had such a wonderful life before drugs and alcohol abuse. I’ve got that life back now and plan to keep it. Maybe I had to go through what I did to get to this point, to appreciate this life more.

Children are often the silent victims of drug abuse.

I don’t like cocaine I just like to smell it.

Submitted by: Darka Lust

Don’t do weed, read.

Submitted by: ashley

Drugs: an excuse to do stupid sh*t.

Submitted by: blackrose

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