Drugs Quotes and Sayings

If weed was legalized, would potheads have anything left to talk about.

Submitted by: b

Life sometimes sucks, that’s why we smoke weed.

Submitted by: bajoe13

Dope will take everything from you.

Submitted by: charleigh ann

Don’t buy drugs, become a pop star and they’ll give you them for free!

Submitted by: Love Actually quote

Don’t do drugs,…we are too many now and there is less.

Submitted by: Me

God create weed, man created alcohol, who you gonna trust?

Submitted by: mari mar

Don’t do weed, read.

Submitted by: ashley

I don’t like cocaine I just like to smell it.

Submitted by: Darka Lust

I don’t need drugs to enjoy life…just to enhance it.

Submitted by: bob mac

Drugs may lead to nowhere, but at least it’s the scenic route.

Submitted by: Phillip

It’s like that moment when you drop your cocaine in the snow.

Submitted by: brandyy

Drugs causes memory loss, & other things I can’t remember..

Submitted by: andrea from the bay area

Do not wish drugs were free, but free of drugs.

Submitted by: grim sim

Drugs kill slowly, so who is in a hurry.

Submitted by: akaal singh

It is easier to stay out than get out.
Mark Twain

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