Dysfunctional Family Quotes, Sayings about broken families

Sometimes problems don’t require a solution to solve them; instead they require maturity to outgrow them.
Steve Maraboli

Any problem, big or small, within a family, always seems to start with bad communication. Someone isn’t listening.

Family isn’t about whose blood you have. It’s about who you care about.

I was always the new kid in school, I’m the kid from a broken family, I’m the kid who had no dad showing up at the father-son stuff, I’m the kid that was using food stamps at the grocery store.

Some things I refuse to talk about on social networking sites. Some things are off limits, like issues with family.


Honestly, my family issues are the one thing that get to me, but they have made me so much stronger than I Could’ve hoped for.

A word of brotherly advice: don’t broadcast your personal family issues on social media. It will only show how weak and insecure you are.

When you know to round up your siblings or for you to leave the house or to get in someone’s room, before your parents start fighting, there are definitely some issues you need to talk about.

Submitted by: Ruby

When you’re in a broken family and your role model is a violent male, boys grow up believing that’s the way they are supposed to act. And girls think that’s an accepted way man will treat them.

A woman should be home with the children, building that home and making sure there’s a secure family atmosphere.

Here’s to the kids who are tired of going through the same family problems over & over again…


It’s frightening seeing in ourselves the same ingredients as dysfunctional members of our families. Fortunately, as it is with baking, the proportions, mix, and temperature of the exact same ingredients can yield anything from burnt cookies to elegant soufflés.
Alan Robert Neal

I feel like anyone who’s ever said the words ‘your parents must be proud’ obviously have some deep rooted family issues.

I hate when people bash their parents on social networking sites, family issues should stay private. Have some respect please.

They’ve really got to recognize that all of us bring some of our family issues to work and our work home.

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