Ego Quotes and Sayings - Page 3

You never really learn much from hearing yourself speak.
– George Clooney

Enlightenment is ego’s ultimate disappointment.
– Chogyam Trungpa

It’s so egotistical to believe that we know more about someone else’s reality than they do, and such a waste of time.
– Shreve Stockton

Avoid having your ego so close to your position that when your position falls, your ego goes with it.
Colin Powell

The ego is the false self- born out of fear and defensiveness.
– John O’Donohue

Egotism is the art of seeing in yourself what others cannot see.
– George V. Higgins

Letting go of your ego opens the door to taking a new and creative course of action.
– Suzanne Mayo Frindt

With the disappearance of God the Ego moves forward to become the sole divinity.
– Dorothee Sölle

If egotism means a terrific interest in one’s self, egotism is absolutely essential to efficient living.
– Arnold Bennett

I feel so trapped, by my ego.
– T. Scott McLeod

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