Quotes and Sayings about Elections

We would all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate.

Don’t vote, it only encourages them.

If con is the opposite of pro, is Congress the opposite of progress?

It’s not the voting that’s democracy; it’s the counting.

Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.
Mark Twain

If the gods had intended for people to vote, they would have given us candidates.

We would all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate.

Voting is not a right. It is a method used to determine which politician was most able to brainwash you.


To win the people, always cook them some savoury that pleases them.

Pick a leader who will make their citizens proud. One who will stir the hearts of the people, so that the sons and daughters of a given nation strive to emulate their leader’s greatness. Only then will a nation be truly great, when a leader inspires and produces citizens worthy of becoming future leaders, honorable decision makers and peacemakers. And in these times, a great leader must be extremely brave. Their leadership must be steered only by their conscience, not a bribe.
– Suzy Kassem

When picking a leader, choose a peacemaker. One who unites, not divides. A cultured leader who supports the arts and true freedom of speech, not censorship.

The boy knew that escaping school was the surest sign of his election.

During a campaign the air is full of speeches – and vice versa.

In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.

We should all do something to right the wrongs that we see and not just complain about them.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King Jr.

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation.

If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.

George Washington is the only president who didn’t blame the previous administration for his troubles.

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