Experience Quotes and Sayings

By far the best proof is experience.
Francis Bacon

Succeeding is not really a life experience that does that much good. Failing is a much more sobering and enlightening experience.
– Michael Eisner

Anyone who has experienced a certain amount of loss in their life has empathy for those who have experienced loss.
– Anderson Cooper

One must learn by doing the thing, for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try.

Mistakes are painful when they happen, but years later a collection of mistakes is what is called experience.
Denis Waitley

There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience and that is not learning from experience.

Experience life in all possible ways – good- bad, bitter- sweet, dark- light, summer- winter. Experience all the dualities. Don’t be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become.

A man once told me. The only way to get wise is to get experienced.

Submitted by: TheWiseOne

Experience is the best teacher.

Submitted by: Pat Blinn McDonald

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

Submitted by: Fares

Experience is a good school. But the fees are high.
– Heinrich Heine

Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it.
– Stan Smith

Experience tells a story of mistakes, suffering, pain, education, and ultimately, triumph

Submitted by: abs227

Knowledge is in books, but wisdom comes by experience.

Submitted by: celestino

I can fall into a depression just to experience something new.

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