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As Facebook has a “Poke” button, it should have a “Kick” button as well.

Submitted by: Wafa

That awkward moment when you change your Facebook status to ‘single’ and your ex likes it.

Facebook Status Quote: That awkward moment when you change your...

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Whoever said facebook was a good idea, “Let me share my dull life with the rest of the planet.” ?

Submitted by: RobertM

I don’t like to commit myself about heaven and hell – you see, I have friends in both places.

Submitted by: freakylady17

My greatest fear is that I will accidentally use the status update as the search bar.

Submitted by: tariku

No matter what anyone says, my cooking is excellent, even the smoke alarm seems to be cheering me on!

Submitted by: nicolle

Facebook is the red carpet for pretty girls who have no talent.

Submitted by: Satyr_Martyr

…It’s Not That I Hate You… But Let’s Put It This Way If You Were On Fire And I Had A Gallon Of Water I’d Drink It.

Submitted by: Morgan(:

He who went to facebook and left myspace is wise.

Submitted by: TonyTone

Facebook should add a “dislike button” some updates are just too senseless.

Submitted by: maria
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