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There’s no such thing as failure, the life we created is a choice we take. Its just hypocrisy to say that failure do exist, when they don’t want to do the things that should be done.

Submitted by: athena destreza

There is no such thing as failure only mistakes.

Submitted by: micheal k.b

You failed me for the last time… Again!

Submitted by: Curse

“What is failure? I guess I will never know because I will continue to try.”

Submitted by: Dario Fernandez

You have to fail things before you can learn things or ya won’t get anywhere.

Submitted by: ok

A man can fail many times but he is not a failure until he starts to blame other people.

Submitted by: Punkin

Success is impossible when one starts at the top of the list.

Submitted by: Robert M

The man who never made a mess never made anything.

Submitted by: Alistair (attirbutted to D. Williams)

Quitters never win and winners never quit but those who never win and never quit are idiots.

Submitted by: Jason

Failure is the mother of success. If you have not failed then success is still very far for you.

Submitted by: kebby Sokauta

Those that decided to fail will never walk…Those that decided that to walk never fail.

Submitted by: maurico synn

Failure isn’t being in the ditch. Failure is staying in the ditch instead of climbing out of it and beginning again.

Submitted by: LolliTart

Mental strength is greater than muscle mass, and failure is a mental work out.

Submitted by: Pablo San Juan

There is a lesson in every failure.

Submitted by: Mike

Failure happens all the time. It happens every day. What makes you better is how you react to it.

Submitted by: Hugoo

We wouldn’t succeed without failure.

Submitted by: Sam

Failure should only serve as a learning point not as a defining moment. If you are defined by your failures then shame on you.

Submitted by: Robin Goremucheche

The only time you truly fail is when you give up!
Or when you don’t try at all!

Submitted by: Stefana

Just remember that no matter how hard we try not to fail, it is impossible for someone to be perfect. So let failure be an option, and grow and get stronger from it.
– Julius M. Hancock

Submitted by: Marie Donnelly

After every failure the chances of success is increase.

Submitted by: Arun Kumar

I’ve read before that a failure means you can start over.

Submitted by: R.W.

The strong one is not the one who never falls, but the one who gets back up and tries again.

Submitted by: :)

You can say you have failed when you have stopped trying.

Submitted by: Arxaios

If you fail a thousand times, you know a thousand ways how to not succeed in attaining your goal.

Submitted by: rahrrrr

It does not matter how hard you fall, what matters is how long you take to stand.

Submitted by: SALIM SKASS

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