Failure Quotes and Sayings

Congratulations, You have failed successfully!

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“Failure is ALWAYS an option. But success is pretty sweet!” – Quote from Adam Savage of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters

Submitted by: Morgan

“What is failure? I guess I will never know because I will continue to try.”

Submitted by: Dario Fernandez

There’s no such thing as failure, the life we created is a choice we take. Its just hypocrisy to say that failure do exist, when they don’t want to do the things that should be done.

Submitted by: athena destreza

Failure is impossible when one starts at the bottom of the list.

Submitted by: Robert M

Failure is because of your negligence towards small things which your counterpart did to taste success.

Submitted by: chiranjeevi

Failure in life doesn’t mean that you are weak, it’s just a sign to do better and makes you stronger in the future.

Submitted by: caressa

The weight of failure is greater than anything you are experiencing now.

Submitted by: Hideaki aka miyagi

Fail fail and fail then sail towards success.

Submitted by: DON

Failure is a word the weak created.

Submitted by: jimmy

Hardships now, success later.

Submitted by: Braxton

If at first you do succeed try not to look to astonished. If at first you don’t succeed swallow all the evidence that you tried.

Submitted by: Olivia

Failure can be accepted, but not trying can’t.

Submitted by: bridget

Most of the people in the world who are in high position are not the ones who have seen always the victory, so many times they meet failure than the victory..only the failure person knows to do the right thing unlike the person who has got victory all the time.

Submitted by: Me,Mahesh

If you are going to fail… Make it epic!

Submitted by: Firefly386054

A man can fail many times but he is not a failure until he starts to blame other people.

Submitted by: Punkin

Failures are good for one thing- learning what you did wrong.

Submitted by: R.W.

They say if you don’t try, you don’t fail. But truly failing is when you stop trying.

Submitted by: Olivia

There is only one way you can fail and that is to quit.

Submitted by: brooke

Failure is the chance to do better.

Submitted by: mooty

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