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You need to fail to gain more power to stand again.

Submitted by: eta

Failure is the thing that reminds us everyday that we are human.

Submitted by: Evil angel

Failure happens all the time. It happens every day. What makes you better is how you react to it.

Submitted by: Hugoo

Try again, fail again, fail better.
– Samuel Beckett

Submitted by: maria

There is no such thing as failure only mistakes.

Submitted by: micheal k.b

Failure will make you strong.

Submitted by: weng

The strong one is not the one who never falls, but the one who gets back up and tries again.

Submitted by: :)

You can never appreciate victory if there’s no failure.

Submitted by: ALVIN

Failure is the only way to begin again more intelligent.
90% of all people who are defeated, they are not actual defeated but they simple quit. Yet quitting is permanent solution to a temporal problem.

Submitted by: Nathi

A man who has risen up after each fall is more successful than a man who has succeeded without falling once.

Submitted by: Sonny

Proper preparation prevent poor performances.

Submitted by: NOLENCE MASH

Scientifically a bee is too fat to fly.
It’s not aerodynamic enough and it’s wings are too short.
But why does it still fly you ask?
Because nobody told him he couldn’t.

Submitted by: kaate

Failure should only serve as a learning point not as a defining moment. If you are defined by your failures then shame on you.

Submitted by: Robin Goremucheche

There is only one way you can fail and that is to quit.

Submitted by: brooke

We wouldn’t succeed without failure.

Submitted by: Sam

There is a lesson in every failure.

Submitted by: Mike

Failure is the mother of success. If you have not failed then success is still very far for you.

Submitted by: kebby Sokauta

It’s all about falling down and getting back up. Take chances in life and if you fail then keep going and learn from your mistakes, never give up and keep your head up. You’re not living life if you don’t take chances.

Submitted by: Jacob

When you fail two things are achieved, one strength to handle failure the next time you fail. Two failure gives enthusiasm to move to another stage.

Submitted by: Kebby Sokauta

Those that decided to fail will never walk…Those that decided that to walk never fail.

Submitted by: maurico synn

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