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Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life.


To think you are a loser is the beginning of failure.

Submitted by: Emmanuel duku

Failing my vision is easy to accept, but failing you, is what hurts more!

Submitted by: Chris

Born a Genius…
…Slacker by Choice

Submitted by: Unleashed

Failure is the key to success.

Submitted by: Sandeep garg

There is only one way you can fail and that is to quit.

Submitted by: brooke

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.
– Michael Jordan

Submitted by: Haley

They say if you don’t try, you don’t fail. But truly failing is when you stop trying.

Submitted by: Olivia

If at first you don’t succeed, think how many people you’ve made happy.
– H. Duane Black


Failure is the best medicine, if not taken you never get better.

Submitted by: smart abdiel

There is no such thing as failure, it’s just a matter of lesson to be learned.

Submitted by: elmo

Failure is the first success.

Submitted by: lokesh

To experience the feeling of success or failure, is to heartily commit oneself in the attempt.

Submitted by: D. Robinson

Failure is a failure unless you stand up again.

Submitted by: Indo

Failure is the key to success. Each mistake teaches you something.

Submitted by: Luke

There is a lesson in every failure.

Submitted by: Mike

We wouldn’t succeed without failure.

Submitted by: Sam

Failure should only serve as a learning point not as a defining moment. If you are defined by your failures then shame on you.

Submitted by: Robin Goremucheche

Just remember that no matter how hard we try not to fail, it is impossible for someone to be perfect. So let failure be an option, and grow and get stronger from it.
– Julius M. Hancock

Submitted by: Marie Donnelly

Failure is the mother of success. If you have not failed then success is still very far for you.

Submitted by: kebby Sokauta

Those that decided to fail will never walk…Those that decided that to walk never fail.

Submitted by: maurico synn

Failure isn’t being in the ditch. Failure is staying in the ditch instead of climbing out of it and beginning again.

Submitted by: LolliTart

Failure is a choice of man. No one fails for someone’s fault but for one’s own fault.

Submitted by: Winna

Sometimes you gotta fall before you fly.


When you fail two things are achieved, one strength to handle failure the next time you fail. Two failure gives enthusiasm to move to another stage.

Submitted by: Kebby Sokauta

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