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Failure should only serve as a learning point not as a defining moment. If you are defined by your failures then shame on you.

Submitted by: Robin Goremucheche

Just remember that no matter how hard we try not to fail, it is impossible for someone to be perfect. So let failure be an option, and grow and get stronger from it.
– Julius M. Hancock

Submitted by: Marie Donnelly

Failure is the mother of success. If you have not failed then success is still very far for you.

Submitted by: kebby Sokauta

Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life.


Failure is a choice of man. No one fails for someone’s fault but for one’s own fault.

Submitted by: Winna

When you fail two things are achieved, one strength to handle failure the next time you fail. Two failure gives enthusiasm to move to another stage.

Submitted by: Kebby Sokauta

Success means getting up just one more time.

Submitted by: evan

Failure is a step towards success.

Submitted by: Aynna

Excuses are the nails that build a house of failure.

Submitted by: shaun

Excuses are the nails used to build a house of failure.
Jim Rohn


The difference between Success and failure is not giving up.
– Steven Redhead


Failure is a word invented to prevent success.

Submitted by: jess payne

Failure is the chance to do better.

Submitted by: mooty

Failure has never been an option for me, but I am glad to say that I’ve failed plenty of times. I guess that’s what it takes to become successful.

Submitted by: Da Luv Doctor

Failures are good for one thing- learning what you did wrong.

Submitted by: R.W.

A man may fall many times but is not a failure in untill he says someone pushed him.

Submitted by: failure

You r not a failure unless you don’t believe in yourself

Submitted by: keli

Failure is a new beginning and we shall try harder to succeed

Submitted by: Babao

The only limits are the ones we put on ourselves.

Submitted by: stefanie

Failure is not the end of everything it’s only another part of success.

Submitted by: Pinka Jayawardhana

Some fail to succeed, I succeed to fail.

Submitted by: Matvei

Failure is like a mistake, it always leave a suggestions.

Submitted by: la la la la

It doesn’t matter if you keep failing , just get up and try again and again and again… :)

Submitted by: molez

Thomas Edison didn’t fail 2,000 times to make the light bulb work he simply found out 2,000 ways a light bulb didn’t work.

Submitted by: paige

It’s better to have tried and failed, than to have never tried, cause it will always be in back of your head a WHAT IF?

Submitted by: Veronica

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