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There’s no such thing as failure, the life we created is a choice we take. Its just hypocrisy to say that failure do exist, when they don’t want to do the things that should be done.

Submitted by: athena destreza

You try you fail, you try you fail, you true failure is when you fail to try again!!

Submitted by: dariun hudson

I might be a failure to others but it just means I need to work harder then they will be the failures.

Submitted by: Eain

There’s no such thing as regret or failures in life…only lessons.

Submitted by: ArtCometa

It doesn’t matter if fail but it does matter if you give up because of failure.

Submitted by: Pratik

Most of the people in the world who are in high position are not the ones who have seen always the victory, so many times they meet failure than the victory..only the failure person knows to do the right thing unlike the person who has got victory all the time.

Submitted by: Me,Mahesh

All will be one step backward when they hear the word ‘FAILURE’. But I will be forward to face the thing. We should watch our steps, its much more important than anything. Always we should keep one step forward then others will see their back with fear. ‘OTHER’ refers to anything.

Submitted by: Me,Mahesh

‘failure’,seven letters, the same as ‘success’

Submitted by: abs

Failure is a new beginning and we shall try harder to succeed

Submitted by: Babao

A man may fall many times but is not a failure in untill he says someone pushed him.

Submitted by: failure

“failure doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It does mean you haven’t succeeded yet”

Submitted by: carLooow

There is no such thing as CAN’T- its either you can or you don’t want too…which one are you choosing!

Submitted by: Simon

FAILURE is not falling down, FAILURE is failing to pick yourself up

Submitted by: zara

Did you fail to plan, or you did you just plan to fail?

Submitted by: Shaira

Failure to prepare… Prepare to fail.

Submitted by: :)

You failed me for the last time… Again!

Submitted by: Curse

When I am right no one remembers,…When I am wrong no one forgets

Submitted by: Macky Plazo

Failure is when you don’t try hard enough for success

Submitted by: Daniel Burke

All waters in the ocean could never sink a ship unless it gets inside; likewise, all the preassures of life can never hurt you, unless you let it in.
Failure Quote: All waters in the ocean could never...

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Submitted by: Ma. Lennievic Jomoc

Failure is just a matter of luck just ask any failure.

Submitted by: Sharan Sidhu

Failing to plan,
Is planning to fail

Submitted by: alyssa m

Failure happens but it’s what makes us better.

Submitted by: Rocky

“i fear for those who fear failure”

Submitted by: mr. alamin

Failure is nothing more than a test to see how many times you will try again..

Submitted by: Preseent Time

You havent failed until you refuse to move forward..

Submitted by: Preseent Time

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