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Life is ruled by fate and like a vehicle without a driver.

Fate Quote: Life is ruled by fate and like...

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Submitted by: Otta Sunday Uguru

Most people live and die with their music still unplayed, they never dare to try.

Submitted by: SUPRITH

Choice, not chance, determines destiny.

Submitted by: Dawn

Fate is something we meet often on the way to our end!

Fate Quote: Fate is something we meet often on...

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Submitted by: Niki

He who says he believes in fate still looks both ways before crossing the street.

Submitted by: unknown

Fate is destiny to follow, hold on and never give up.. Just enjoy the good times life can bring.

Submitted by: Thor

Hard work is the key of success but fate is the key of future.

Submitted by: Zahra

Fate depends on our karma. Every one is responsible for his or her destiny!

Submitted by: sarita

DESTINY – something people invented because they can’t stand the fact that everything happen is the result of there own choices.

Submitted by: paul wilvern casonete

Never expect too many things in life,because at the end of the day you get only what you deserve.

Fate Quote: Never expect too many things in life,because...

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Submitted by: Mandy
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