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I feared before I knew, but now that I know, to fear is as childish as being feared.

Submitted by: robby tembo

Fear is only in our minds taking over all the time.

Submitted by: Victoria

Fear, is letting your inner demons win.

Submitted by: Nicole McCarsky

Man’s greatest obsession is his greatest fear.

Submitted by: Sambuh

If you keep your face towards the sun you need not to fear from shadows.

Submitted by: aneep kumar sulhan

Fear makes you grow the best.

Submitted by: saad

We can’t stop here, this is bat country!
– Hunter S. Thompson

Fear Quote: We can’t stop here, this is bat...

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Submitted by: jlh hilbert

Life begins where fear ends.

Fear Quote: Life begins where fear ends. – Osho

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Better be a lion one day than be a sheep all your life.

Submitted by: EMATHWE

Don’t let fear rule your life.

Submitted by: Lauryn simmons
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