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I play basketball !
Could I get your name and number ?
So I can put it on my jersey

Submitted by: Mily [;

Can you give me directions…to your heart? <3

Submitted by: @MB3R

So…what time do you have to be back in heaven?

Submitted by: Katrin

Taking you away is like taking my life away that’s when I noticed I’m in love with you.

Submitted by: b v

Dang girl!!!
– What?-
Everytime I look at you I have to put sunglasses on cuz you shine so bright you put the sun out of business!!!

Submitted by: George Davis(Creature)

Heaven just called,they said an angel is missing

Submitted by: frangito ngimwa

Boy: Do you like water?
Girl: Um, yeah
Boy: Then you like 75% of my body

Submitted by: DavidArchuleta

Boy: Are you keeping it safe?
Girl: What Safe?
Boy: My heart

Submitted by: bradford

Out of all the girls in here you’re the one I’d like to dip in melted chocolate and lick clean.

Submitted by: addi mazurke

Are you a cigarette? ’cause you’re smoking and you’re addictive.

Submitted by: DDaAnn

Boy- Is your name Samantha?
Girl- No
Boy- Well, Can I just call you beautiful?

Submitted by: jbeck

Love is blind.
Please be kind.
If I kiss you please don’t mind. ;)

Submitted by: Ryu Han-g

Can I see your eyes, they show so much of me in you.

Submitted by: amairya

Hey baby you’re so hot you’re making me sweat.

Submitted by: katiibugg

When you smile you look like a diamond in the night sky

Submitted by: Albert kim

Do I have sugar in my eyes, or are you really sweet?
And I thought angels had wings!
I will be the man of you’re dreams if I kissed you.

Submitted by: Girl_Fun2Bwith_17yrs -old.

Hey ive seen you some where
i know!!…in my dreamz

Submitted by: LOVEME

Wow, I didn’t know wishes came true like that.

Submitted by: Shiloh

So… Which pick- up line works for you?:p

Submitted by: petat

Marry me, or do I have to kiss you first?

Submitted by: sexychick

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