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You are the gold medal that got my heart racing.

Submitted by: Savio

Ok, I’m a girl and I know that I wouldn’t want someone using any stupid pickup lines on me. I would want someone telling me what they really thought, not some cheesy pickup line they heard or saw on a website. Even the “I’m gonna skip the cheesy pickup line and tell yopu you’re beautiful” thing is stupid. Take advice from a girl when trying to ask a girl out, tell them what you think and skip the cheesy pickup line.:)

Submitted by: seriously?!?!?!?!?

If I ask you a question to be my girl right now would you leave or would you stay by my side?

Submitted by: chepe

If I had a dream girl. You would be her. <3

Submitted by: codyyx

Boy: Send me a picture
Girl: No I look like cr*p
Boy: And I’m pregnant
Girl: But you’re a boy.
Boy: Oh I thought we were saying things that were impossible!

Submitted by: Nikkie

Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it right back!

Flirting Quote: Can I borrow a kiss? I promise...

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Submitted by: Lou

Boy: feel this(points to jacket)
(girl feels)
Boy: that’s boyfriend material!

Submitted by: c and a

If you were weed, I’d smoke you whole day.

Submitted by: V&M

Hey, if you could be ANYTHING in the world, What will you be?
– Well, if I could be anything in this world, I’d be you boyfriend.

Submitted by: Daniel

You remind me of how my dad fell in love with my mom.

Submitted by: derrick

Looking at you makes me believe heaven is real.

Submitted by: derrick

There must be some problem with my eyes, I can’t take them off you.

Submitted by: raj

Am I dreaming or can I see heaven right through your eyes.

Submitted by: James

I’m sitting here thinking to myself, why is my heart not beating anymore? Forgot you took it last night.

Submitted by: Mj Jones

Girl: Do you wanna play a hiding game?
Boy: No, cos a girl like you is impossible to find.

Submitted by: AzianAung

I’m definitely not a genie, but I could totally grant your wishes.

Submitted by: seth

Did you know there are 21 letters in the alphabet?
– There are 26
Oh right I always forget U R A Q T…(:

Submitted by: Morgan

Boy: Could you please empty your pocket?
Girl: Why?
Boy: Cos I think you have just stolen my heart.

Submitted by: Humty Dumpty

People tell me the river is beautiful so you must be the ocean.

Submitted by: Boss Mista AKZZ

Boy: Can you hold something for me?
Girl: Sure. What is it?
Boy: My hand.

Submitted by: char

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