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A friendship is like a roundabout never ending fun.

Submitted by: SARAH

Friendship is like a piece of pie; it’s all good until it comes to the end and becomes all crummy.

Submitted by: Johnson Daniels

A friend is a kiss given to you by an angle.

Submitted by: jakeline

True loneliness is not being away from your friends, it is being right next to them and knowing youv’e done them wrong.

Submitted by: Karasu

People say that good friends are hard to find…and that’s because the best ones are already mine.

Submitted by: francesca

Only people with friends believe that everyone has friends.

Submitted by: john ammar

Friends can grow apart, but its funny how you can still be that same person you were years ago when you see them again.

Submitted by: lyssy doll :)

A friend is someone who fills your life with wonder and adventure.

Submitted by: jo-jo

A friend is a friend that knows what being a friend means.

Submitted by: Alec

A true friend walks beside in the good times and carries through the hard.

Submitted by: Paul

Friends understand your past believe in your future and accept you today just as you are.

Submitted by: corn

Friendship is kinda like love but without the kissing

Submitted by: Gaby

The funny thing, about Friendships and Relationships are that they can last for years but end in minutes.

Submitted by: April Maxwell

Friends who say “We will be friends forever” will have their disagreements and fights, then they may not speak to each other for quite some time. But in the end they are still the best friends.

Submitted by: Phyllo the Wise

All kinds of friends will stand by your side when the going is good, but the second things get tough, you will know that your true friends are the only ones left standing.

Submitted by: acer

Friends are like angels following you through life..

Submitted by: Anna

A Fake friend will say that it will be ok and walk away, but a True friend will say its not ok and stay with you the whole way!

Submitted by: Monica

Its not knowing your friends have your back, Its knowing you have your friends.

Submitted by: BeerIe

A friend is like a potato chip, you can’t have just one!

Submitted by: Sally

Best friends are the people that make you forget that life is pain.

Submitted by: Dale_M

Friends are like potato chips you can’t have just one!

Submitted by: sara

Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest or who came first or who cares the best .Its all about who came and never left.

Submitted by: amrin

The dictionary doesn’t know the meaning of friend

Submitted by: L.S.C.

I haven’t had a true friend in my life until I met you, I used to think I have many.

Submitted by: madi

A friend helps you get over it, a best friend is beating up the person who did this to you.

Submitted by: anonimus

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