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A friend loves at all times, brother is born for adversity.
Proverbs 17:17

Submitted by: Just a follower of God

Friendship is a golden ribbon that ties the world together.

Submitted by: byrdie

Only people with friends believe that everyone has friends.

Submitted by: john ammar

An honest answer is like a kiss of friendship.

Submitted by: snow

Friendship comes with an invisible contract. Expectations to follow the unwritten laws alongside a code of conduct only known by true friends: a responsibility that should be willingly embraced.

Submitted by: K. Colin

A smile is a sign of joy, a hug is a sign of love, a laugh is a sign of happiness, and a friend like me? – – – Hell that’s just plain good luck.

Submitted by: KATE

Life without friends is like hands without fingers – pointless!

Submitted by: Joan Tolentino

Friendship with no trust is like a car with no gas you can stay in it as long as you won’t but it won’t go anywhere.

Submitted by: katie

Friendship isn’t about who has known you the longest or who cares about you the most, it’s about who came and never left your side until the very end.

Submitted by: BehuUarE

Friendship is as delicate as glass – once broken, it can be fixed, but there will always be cracks.

Submitted by: RAWR

True friendship is when you stand up for your friends in need. It is when you take care of one another when their heart is broken. True friendship is when you know they will always be there for you when you fall.

Submitted by: Makayla

A friend tries to stay but an object fades away.

Submitted by: sercert_ ava

Friends are the ones that laugh with you not at you.

Submitted by: yari v.

Get-together of friends after some time, on a dinner, is much more delicious then food.

Submitted by: Qaim Mahar

A friend is a friend that knows what being a friend means.

Submitted by: Alec

A true friend will last forever.

Submitted by: Jackie

True friends are like super glue, they will stick together no matter what

Submitted by: kyle

It’s not how stupid or smart your friend is, it’s how you value each other. Also I don’t care how pretty or ugly my friend is, it’s how she will treat me as a friend.
Good friendship doesn’t mean you have to see and talk to each other everyday. It’s all about being in there in times of need.
Friends are like puzzles. If one goes away, that special piece can never be replaced, and the puzzle will never be whole again.

Submitted by: Mystica

A friend is someone who gives you that twinkle in your eyes when they are around.

Submitted by: breann

When days are dark, friends are few!
Choose your friends wisely, they reflect who you are!

Submitted by: gash

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