Friendship Quotes, Sayings for friends

Friends are like GOLD..But Best friends are PLATINUM!!

Submitted by: Katie

You are true friends when people ask where the other one is.

Submitted by: HI

Friends are like diamonds they never break

Submitted by: Eleasa shortrum

Friendship is like a piece of pie; it’s all good until it comes to the end and becomes all crummy.

Submitted by: Johnson Daniels

A true friends don’t tolerate your mistakes; instead scolds you so that you learn your lesson.

Submitted by: dhakira

A friend is a person who doesn’t catch you when you want to jump off a tall building, he will jump with you instead!

Submitted by: lodza

Friends will be there when you cry and when you smile.

Submitted by: tiffany thompson

Friends are always there through thick and thin air

Submitted by: kaishaa

A friend is one who can let big things go like the wind

Submitted by: hailey

You are only as good as your worst friend.

Submitted by: Amy

A Friend in need, is a Friend indeed!

Submitted by: "Chamorita"

A true friend will never desert you.

Submitted by: chocolate rules

My best friend is nad !
A best friend is someone you can lay on there floor with for hours and look up at the clouds on the celling and say nothing but still laugh till there parents come in and make you take a drug test..

Submitted by: flaba

Friends are usefull in every moment, no matter what happens.

Submitted by: Maria

There’ s no just a friendship between boy and a girl. It turns into higher state of friendship – love. But after the love you cannot come back to a simple friendship.

Submitted by: Cyril

Freinds are people who stay till the end of the world with you.
Freinds are people who have your back when your down.

Submitted by: judith

Friends are gift you give yourself.

Submitted by: RMB

A true friend is someone that will stay with you when you threaten to kill them, when you insult them, and when you just can’t stand them being there.
You are a true friend when you can’t image life without them, you look at their best qualities, and when you can’t stand them NOT being there.

Submitted by: HI

Friendship is Love without his wings.

Submitted by: katiee.

You never lose true friends, you just realize who your true ones are!

Submitted by: vicky lomax

You may have a lot of friends, but a few will be real, time will let you know.

Submitted by: Roshin Reji

Most Girls Are Made Of Sugar And Spice, But Me N My Girls Are Made Of Vodka N Ice

Submitted by: kittyyyyyy

Friends means only happiness, NO sorrows.

Submitted by: Manish

There is no life without friendship.

Submitted by: thejal

I love these retards I call friends.

Submitted by: Mollie

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