Friendship Quotes, Sayings for friends

Friendship is a special kind of love, flowers will die, waters will dry but the loyal friend will never say “goodbye”.

Submitted by: joylyn

If you have friends and half of them don’t talk to you, they’re not really friends.

Submitted by: Kelly

A true friend will last forever.

Submitted by: Jackie

Friendship is not how long you’ve been together, not how much you’ve given or received, not how many times you’ve helped each other, but it’s how you “value” one another.

Submitted by: Ricoboy Sd

True friends are like super glue, they will stick together no matter what

Submitted by: kyle

A friend is someone who gives you that twinkle in your eyes when they are around.\

Submitted by: breann

When days are dark, friends are few!
Choose your friends wisely, they reflect who you are!

Submitted by: gash

It’s not how stupid or smart your friend is, it’s how you value each other. Also I don’t care how pretty or ugly my friend is, it’s how she will treat me as a friend.
Good friendship doesn’t mean you have to see and talk to each other everyday. It’s all about being in there in times of need.
Friends are like puzzles. If one goes away, that special piece can never be replaced, and the puzzle will never be whole again.

Submitted by: Mystica

A friend is a friend that knows what being a friend means.

Submitted by: Alec

You meet someone. Trust them and love them. Inseparable for years and years to come. Something happens, the trust is broken. You’re forgotten, replaced. You’re angry, furious, disappointed, but most of all you’re hurt. You thought they would always be there for you.
You’re best friend finds out. They call, you answer. You vent, you cry, you laugh. Then it hits you. People will always come and go, but this friendship is here to stay.

Submitted by: Trae

Friends and best friends will stay with you. When you’re down. :)

Submitted by: Rodel docot

No way is long if you are with me.

Submitted by: Riyaz

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.
Helen Keller

Never let go of your friends cos you’ll need them in the end.

Submitted by: Alleia

When depressed and angry, a friend would always cheer you up and brighten up your mind.

Submitted by: zay shanziie

True friends are people who would sacrifices their time for you and not the ones ignoring you for a long time since they got new friends, and not the ones who turns to you only when they need help.

Submitted by: Bren

Friend is like a wine, the longer it takes the swetter its taste!!!(*)

Submitted by: aira

True friend is when you can start the sentence and they can finish it.

Submitted by: brandon

All people in the world are your friends until you make them enemy. Have you not seen if ever you fell on the road, all people in the surroundings rush to make you stand up? Do you know them or do they know you?

Submitted by: F.C. Agarwal

A good friend will get you out of jail, True friends would be in jail with you.

Submitted by: bigj

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