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You never lose true friends, you just realize who your true ones are!

Submitted by: vicky lomax

If you’re crying when you are fighting with your friend it probably means you loved them a lot.
A best friend would laugh when your laughing so you won’t get humiliated. And if you even try to jump off a building your best friend would hug you so hard you won’t even remember why you were gonna jump. =))

Submitted by: Justine

When days are dark, friends are few!
Choose your friends wisely, they reflect who you are!

Submitted by: gash

Choose your friends not for what they say, but for how they act when you really need them.
– Cristina Cruz

Submitted by: cristina Cruz Navia

A friend is someone you can talk to.
A friend is someone you can trust, and that friend can trust you.
A friend is someone you can depend on when you need a helping hand.
A friend is someone you can count on.
A friend is someone you can call on when you are down.
A friend is someone that cares about what you do.
A friend is someone that you can share your secrets with.
A friend is someone you can share your moments with.
A friend is someone you can laugh with.
A friend is someone that can lift your spirits up when you are down. And most of all a friend is someone that can comfort you when no one is around. Remember a true friend comes once in a lifetime, so while you got that friend cherish what you got in a friend. Then that friend will never let you down.

Submitted by: A Friend

Friends are family by choice.

Submitted by: WeAreOne

Friends are not people that say that they are your friends and then go and stab you in the back by doing something nasty or saying something nasty and starting fights and bringing you in to it when you don’t know nothing about it.
Friends are supposed to be people you can trust never to hurt you in any way. Friends are people that will pick you up when you are down and make you feel better. Friends are people that will never let you down. Friends are people that are always by your side when you need them the most. Friends are people that keep in contact with you every so often. Friends are people that will always be in your heart. Friends are people that will not just walk away without saying goodbye.

Submitted by: Grace

A man who wants to make a friend must make himself friendly.

Submitted by: Mike

Your hugs makes me feel like I am wrapped in gold.

Submitted by: sid

No you’re not my friend, you’re my other half.

Submitted by: Bobby jo

A friend is someone who defends you when somebody speaks ill of you.

Submitted by: precious

Friendship is like a book. It only takes few seconds to burn, but it takes years to write.

Submitted by: shirisha

If you’ve made the right friends, when they jump off a bridge, jump off with them. There has to be something good at the bottom.

Submitted by: Quotemaster

It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.

Submitted by: Titay

Why do we need a friend when we have so many relatives around to take care of us?
A wise man said:
Air is everywhere but we still need a fan to feel it.

Submitted by: Archie

We may meet different people everyday but there is only few people that we can really share our happiness, sadness, deepest thoughts and secrets. They are the ones that we can really call friends.

Submitted by: tabing

A friend is a person who knows what you are saying, even if you’re not talking.

Submitted by: Alida

A good friendship is where a silence isn’t awkward.

Submitted by: Abby

A true friend is not the one who cries with you but the one who finds a way to make you laugh when you want to cry.

Submitted by: Amy

Friends are God’s apology for relatives.

Submitted by: okiwisz

Friends are like money, the more you make, the more problems you have.

Submitted by: LaTonya Canady

Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest, it’s about who came and never left.

Submitted by: Tea`

A good friend allows you a safe space to share your deepest thoughts and needs without worry of being judged, criticized or made to feel silly for feeling the way you do. Friends cheer each other on, laugh and cry together, and just plain commiserate and listen to each other. 

Submitted by: Kingsley orji

A best friend is when you don’t talk to each other for two weeks and don’t think they are mad at you and know that you two no matter how long you don’t talk to each other that you will still be best friends forever!

Submitted by: Caroline

I live for the nights that I can’t remember, with the people that I won’t forget.

Submitted by: Katy

It is easier to forgive an enemy than a friend.

Submitted by: don j

Friendship, the older it grows, the stronger it is.

Submitted by: Bobbie

You are only as good as your worst friend.

Submitted by: Amy

Friends are the family we choose.

Submitted by: Faith G.

Remember your friend was once a stranger.

Submitted by: jemma

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