Funny Awkward Moment Quotes

That awkward moment when you are on the dock and you are gonna do something that looks really cool, but when you attempt it, you fall into the water and everyone laughs.

Submitted by: Bee Jay the Azurill

That awkward moment when you accidentally say “I love you” to a random person instead of saying goodbye.

Submitted by: Laura

That awkward moment when your waiters says “Enjoy your food” and you say “Thanks, you too”.

Submitted by: Blood Barbie

That awkward moment when they are all quiet in the classroom and try to fart without making a sound and your body decides to sound like a Mercedes Benz c63 amg black series.

Submitted by: Tsundzu R Mthii

That awkward moment when you have food in your mouth and you sneeze.

Submitted by: Kal

That awkward moment when you say goodbye to someone and you end up walking in the same direction.

Submitted by: Vuyo Mushwana

That awkward when you are siting with your boyfriend and your stomach starts to growl.

Submitted by: Sabo

That awkward moment when a person you’re taking on a phone hung up while you’re still talking.

Submitted by: Baumie lyn

That awkward moment when your best friend’s crush asks you out.

Submitted by: XxXxXxX

That awkward moment when your talking to your crush and someone asks if they are your boyfriend/girlfriend.

That awkward moment when you are watching a movie with kissing and your parents walk in.

Submitted by: Jordyn

That awkward moment when you decide you’re going to make the best dinner tonight, but you find out you don’t have any of the ingredients.

Submitted by: Selah

When you sit next to the hot guy in health class, and the teacher is explaining the birds and the bees, using you and him as an example.

Submitted by: cool person

That awkward moment you’re sending an angry text to someone and you misspell a word.

Submitted by: Thabang Ramakgwakgwa

That awkward moment when you’re at your parent/teacher school conference and when the teacher is talking about you, and you’re right there.

Submitted by: Leila

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