Funny Awkward Moment Quotes

That awkward moment when you see twins fighting and one of them calls the other ugly.

Telling someone a hilarious story and realizing that they were the one who told it to you.

What awkward moment…When you’ve already said “what?” three times and still have no idea what the person said, so you just agree.

That awkward moment when your computer screen freezes on an embarrassing site!!!<3.

Submitted by: love

That awkward moment when you yawn and your eyes get watery and people think you are crying.

That awkward moment when your mom is washing the dishes, and you put one in the sink.

That awkward moment when you are seated next to your ex in a church and the priest says turn to your neighbor and tell him/her that it’s not over.

Submitted by: Deng Kolonjo

That awkward moment when you accidentally touch your friend’s breast.

Submitted by: justme

That awkward moment when you are having a conversation telling a really awesome story and then you realize no one’s listening to you.

That awkward moment when someone says “Hello”,..and you say “Good, thanks”.

That awkward moment when you’re left alone with someone you were just introduced to.

That awkward moment when you call someone to wish happy birthday, but don’t know what else to talk about, and then there is awkward silence.

Submitted by: Someone

That awkward moment, during a test and you don’t know any of the answers so you start laughing because you know you are screwed!

Submitted by: Anika

The awkward moment when you are running and your breasts are bouncing. And you’re a guy.

Submitted by: Aydazania Rere

That awkward moment you feel like passing out air silently and it comes out very loud. !!!O. M. G!!!

Submitted by: SABJEWS

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