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Now I’m not saying the professor is old, but if you consider his age – he’s likely to die soon.

Submitted by: Zoidberg (from Futurama)

Happy 13th birthday! Did I hear you saying insult? Please don’t be offended, but honestly, you look younger everyday.

Submitted by: hadikson

Birthday – It is a day when you will be happy for wasting one more year.

Submitted by: bijendraraockstar

Go celebrate age and have fun going around the sun… HAPPY GETTING OLD…

Submitted by: G1 jaai

I know it’s your birthday but I have no idea how old you are.

Submitted by: kate

Too young to die, too old to rock n roll.

Submitted by: bananaprotons

I was planning to put a gorgeous, awesome present in your cake…
…But I didn’t want any frosting on my hair!

Submitted by: Mimmy

What goes up but never comes down?
Your age.

Submitted by: yuvraj

You know you’re getting old when you can’t remember how old you are!

Submitted by: Catherine Puzino

It’s proven that at the age 41 you start to lose your memory. We can only hope!

Submitted by: babba boom

If you had a birthday for every girl who stopped and stared…you my friend would be in nursery.

Submitted by: smith johnson

Every year someone asks me “What are you doing for your birthday?” and every year I say “Celebrating, idiot!”

Submitted by: jimmyyyy

The good, die young. The bad, are bad to the bone.
The young, are young at heart. And the old, is an old fashioned love song.

Submitted by: Church of God (7th Day) aka Sabbath Keeper

I can’t remember being born..but my mother assures me that I was.

Submitted by: Woody

I was going to give you a birthday present, but it wouldn’t stop ticking.

Submitted by: Anna Goodman

Happy birthday grandpa you’re getting older every second I see you.

Submitted by: kelsey

Happy birthday!! May you live long enough to sh*t yourself!

Submitted by: Tony

You’re turning that age!?!?!?!?! Where did the time go?

Submitted by: yuli

The older you get the more you forget.

Submitted by: jennifer

“Happy Birthday” is normally what people tell you every year, but it’s more like “Congrats! You’re officially one year closer to being dead! Good for you!”

Submitted by: yoyoma

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