Funny Frustrating Moments - Page 2

When someone won’t stop talking while you’re watching an interesting scene of the movie.

When your mom is posting embarrassing photos of you on Facebook faster than you can un-tag yourself.

When you’re late to the movies, and you can’t find a parking spot.

When you accidentally read a spoiler for your favorite show on Twitter.

When you have saved something to eat in the refrigerator and someone else eats it.

When the elevator is full, and still stops on every floor.

When someone is about to tell you something, but then they say “Nevermind”.

That frustrating moment when you can’t sleep & have to wake up very early in the morning.

Submitted by: Edward Kekana

That frustrating moment when everyone keeps asking what’s wrong when you obviously don’t want to tell them.

Submitted by: Margaret June

That frustrating moment when you really like a shirt, but they don’t have it in your size.

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