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Golf is horrifying, humiliating, and humbling, but I can’t wait to do it again.

Submitted by: Kay Goodman


Submitted by: Mike

That ball rolled like a dead rat in a corn field.

Submitted by: Simon28

That ball came off the club face like a cotton ball.

Submitted by: Simon28

I really, really do not like golf, I simply just love it.

Submitted by: Hamilton Lloyd

I now consistently hit the fairways by aiming for the trees on both sides of the fairway.

Submitted by: Hamilton Lloyd

My most consistent and reliable shot is always the double at the 19th.

Submitted by: Hamilton lloyd

I’d rather have my worst day on the golf course, than my best day at work.

Submitted by: BELMAN

Golf is an unusual game. When you have a good day, you can’t wait to get back out there, and when you have a bad day, you can’t wait to get back out there.

Submitted by: mic

My worst day at golf still beats my best day at work.

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