Funny Marriage Quotes and Sayings

Marriage is one of the leading causes of divorce.

Submitted by: Dennis Mapfumo

Son: Dad, is it true that marriage costs a lot?
Father: I don’t know son, still paying…

Submitted by: Maximillian

Marriage is the longest COLD WAR ever fought.

Submitted by: sujeet kumar

Marriage is like birds in a cage, those who are inside are struggling to get out and those who are outside are struggling to get in.

Submitted by: Samuel

My husband wears the pants in my house… The ones I pick.

Submitted by: Danielle

Man + married + divorced + married again = stupid to the 3rd power

Submitted by: Zuheily

The definition of True Love: Temporary insanity curable by marriage.

Submitted by: ANGELA

Congrats, you’re married but for how long again???

Submitted by: sammyguechiee

Marriage is an institution in which those who are out want to get in and those who are in want to get out.

Submitted by: Freddy Henry

Marriage is worse than prison. There is no parole for good behavior.

Submitted by: Ed

Think your wife doesn’t listen to a word you say? Try talking in your sleep!

Submitted by: Frank Nigel

Marriage is like a deck of cards. All you need in the beginning is two hearts and a diamond. After 10 years you need a club and spade.

Submitted by: Carrie

Marriage means commitment, so does insanity…

Submitted by: leirbag

Here’s a toast to our wives and girlfriends … May they never meet!! ? ?

Submitted by: jamal nasr

I don’t like the terms “housewife” and “homemaker” I’m prepared to be called “Domestic Goddess”.. It’s more descriptive.

Submitted by: shalala

I found another word for slave… Groom

Submitted by: lucas

I married Miss Right. Didn’t know her first name was Always.

Submitted by: tushar

Two men were talking and one said for their 10th anniversary he took his wife to Hawaii. Said for their 20th he might go back and get her.

Submitted by: kygman

Some remain single and make wonders happen.
Some have boyfriends and see wonders happen.
The rest get married and wonder what happened.

Submitted by: Alex

Funniest contradicting phrases:
1.Clearly misunderstood
2.Exact estimate
3.Small crowd
4.Act naturally
5.Found missing
6.Fully empty
7.Happily married

Submitted by: Alex

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