Funny Marriage Quotes and Sayings - Page 7

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Every time I find Mr. Right my husband scares him off.

Submitted by: naomi

9 out of 10 men are cheating on their wife, and there is one more who is still hesitating.

Submitted by: NeverBeen Loved

An idea can change your life. A wife can change your idea.

Submitted by: vamsi

Falling in love is a beautiful experience; Marriage is hitting the rock bottom reality.

Submitted by: jasmineaqua

I thought I was stupid until I got married, my stupidity was confirmed.

Submitted by: Toks

They say marriage is life, they also say life ain’t fair.

Submitted by: Lateef92

Wife: Worries Invited For Ever

Submitted by: kibanya

Man: I wear the pants in the relationship.
Woman: I’m the belt that holds the pants up!

Submitted by: Hillary and Frank

A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.

Submitted by: kapil

Marriage is a sentence… A life sentence.

Submitted by: jocelyn
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