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Men are like toilets; deep, dark and full of sh**!

Submitted by: Amy

All men are dogs, the difference is the barking rate!

Submitted by: vanne$$a

Men don’t take direction very well. But eventually when they realize the direction was correct they take all the credit.

Submitted by: Hunter

Dogs should not be compared to men, they are much better.

Submitted by: Rachel

If human beings originated from monkeys, why do men act like dogs???

Submitted by: Jay Holmes Jr.

Men are like purses. Cute, full of sh*t and replaceable.:)
Men are stupid, if you forget this just give it a min, they’ll remind you again.

Submitted by: Amy

Q: Why is it so hard to find a man that’s caring, considerate, and nice?
A: Because he already has a boyfriend.

Submitted by: Beth

All men are dogs. It’s just that some make better pets!

Submitted by: Bob

Behind every successful man there’s a woman, behind every unsuccessful man there are several women.

Submitted by: Valerie. Tan burden

Men are like blenders. You know you need one, but you’re not sure why.

Submitted by: Paula
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