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Only a woman can make a man feel wrong, when he does good.

Submitted by: James

When it comes to men, women are like monkeys, they won’t let go of one branch until they have a firm grip on another!

Submitted by: Lee

Women don’t want to hear what you think. Women want to hear what they think – in a deeper voice.
Bill Cosby

Funny Women Quotes Quote: Women don’t want to hear what you...

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If your wife wants to learn to drive, don’t stand in her way.

Submitted by: shady

When a woman says “do whatever you want” do NOT do whatever you want.

Why are girls?

Funny Women Quotes Quote: Why are girls?

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Happiness is not the only thing in the world. Which is exactly why every girl should fall in love with a man.

Submitted by: oviya

The best way to make a woman listen to you, direct your talk to another woman.

Submitted by: shady

If a woman insists on being called Ms, ask her if it stands for miserable.

Women should have labels on their foreheads saying, ‘Government Health Warning: women can seriously damage your brains, current account, confidence, and good standing among your friends’.

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