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There was a time when girls use to be intelligent, it was before the formation of universe.

Submitted by: aman

Unlike women, the older the wine the sweeter it becomes.

Submitted by: Japhethmaiyo

How to find a wife…
Step 1 of 2: Find a woman you like now but you know you’re going to hate in 5 or less years.
Step 2 of 2: Give her your house.

Submitted by: Amy

Two most deadly weapons in the world: Women’s nagging and Women’s tears! Can make any man act like a tortoise, right into the shell. Don’t believe me, try it…he he he:P

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Submitted by: Ashish Mittal

Women are a language men will never understand.

Submitted by: leon

A woman look ten times more beautiful when she is sleeping, but only to her husband.:P

Submitted by: Prateek

Behind every successful man is a woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.

Submitted by: April

Ladies, why you ask if a dress makes you look fat? Why you no see your fat makes you look fat?

Submitted by: silly girl -..-

Why did god create men first?
He didn’t want to be coached on how to make him.

Funny Women Quotes Quote: Why did god create men first? He...

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Submitted by: missportiap

A man may be right or wrong…but a woman is always right

Submitted by: abhinav
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