Future Quotes and Sayings - Page 5


The present is always moving, the past has moved and the future hasn’t moved yet.

Submitted by: Helios Cooden

Smile; the future brings great things before you.

Submitted by: spencer

Look back not on a bitter past, but, forward to a brighter future.

Submitted by: TheWiseOne

The philosophy of one century is the common sense of the next.
- Henry Ward Beecher


What is done every minute makes the future.

Submitted by: JOSEMARIE

In order to make things seem like it used to, most people change

Submitted by: Tonje

My way of thinking is that if you plan everything your life will be boring and who wants a boring life.
Live spontaneously.

Submitted by: love forever.x

Those who don’t plan their future don’t have one.
Since when has the future switched from a promise to a threat?

Submitted by: Julie

The past is worth a billion tears, but the future is worth ten times as many smiles.

Submitted by: Love is a smile away

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