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We look for pretty girls we can say bad things to. No one shows up.
– Ida Løkås


Shopping is really complicated if you are a girl.
– Helen Salter


All really interesting girls invent themselves.
– Anna Godbersen


Girls can be so petty and jealous. I swear they’re worse than guys sometimes. Except they’re all quiet about it. They sugarcoat it or else they talk behind each other’s backs. It’s seriously twisted.
– Melody Carlson


I always go for confident girls!
– Kenny Wormald


Little girls are the nicest things that happen to people.
– Allan Beck


Who is a girl???
A girl is the most beautiful part of God’s creation.
She starts compromising at a very tender age.
She sacrifices her chocolates for her brother.
Later she sacrifices her love for just a smile on her parents face.
She sacrifices her comfort and desires for her in- laws.
She sacrifices her full youth for her husband and children without complain.
And finally her life ends up only by compromising for others happiness.
She is that creature of God who no one can compete.
Respect every girl/lady in your life.
You will never know what she has sacrificed for you.

Submitted by: neeraj singh

When a girl cries, it’s not usually over one thing. It’s built up anger and emotions that she’s been holding in for too long.


Dont cry for a guy cuz girls give and forgive and guys get and forget.

Submitted by: Kelsey

I’m not a perfect girl. My hair doesn’t always stay in place and I spill things a lot. I’m pretty clumsy and sometimes I have a broken heart. My friends and I sometimes fight and some days nothing goes right. But when I think about it and take a step back I remember how amazing life truly is and that maybe. Just maybe. I like being imperfect!

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Girls who don’t ask for much, deserve it all.


I want a guy who can…

Girly Quote: I want a guy who can…

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To save a girl is to save generations!
Gordon B. Hinckley


No girl should ever forget that she doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.
Marilyn Monroe

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When a girl tells you about her problems, it does not mean that she’s complaining, it means she trusts you.

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Girls are too shy to start it so take the chance

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Submitted by: Jessy

I love being a girl because I can wear my hair, long, short, boyish and anything else in between and get away with it.


Dear Girl, don’t worry if you’re still single. God is looking at you right now saying,”I’m saving this girl for someone special.”
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Submitted by: Sofe

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
– Coco Chanel


Girls are simply adorable :) that’s all thank you.


Make up can make you beautiful on the outside. It wont work if your ugly on the inside. Unless you eat the makeup.


Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.
Mae West


Every girl wants a Bad Boy who is good only for her and every guy wants a good Girl who is bad only for him.
– Evette Carter
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Whatever boys can do girls can do better.

Submitted by: anthgel19

Better to be strong than pretty and useless.
– Lilith Saintcrow

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