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You will never have something different until you do something different.

Submitted by: Chrispy

The difference between a goal and a dream is a plan.

Submitted by: Awesomeness

Take the race and don’t look back until you get to the finish line. And when you look back, smile and tell yourself “I did it”.

Submitted by: Rua Erika

Always take the big goal, ignore the little one, if you didn’t think big you won’t get big.

Submitted by: KM

A life without goals is like a race without a finish line.

Submitted by: chuckie

Goals are like balloons, if you tie your life to them you can go anywhere.:)

Submitted by: Isabelle :)

When you’re life is set on something, Don’t give up keep going. Don’t think about the past just focus on your future. There will be complications but in the end it’s worth it. Giving up may seem like the easiest thing too do but in the end what have you really accomplished? Keep your mind set and focus succeeding is believing and believing will get you ahead in life.

Submitted by: Nikky

Be it BIG or be it small do it right or not at all.

Submitted by: Pino

People who follow other peoples steps, will never be in front.
Goal Quote: People who follow other peoples steps, will...

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Submitted by: gert

Goals can only be acheieved by the lucky ones. Unlucky ones just have to watch the game..

Submitted by: Kiran

Even if you have nothing at all, still give the game ALL you got.

Submitted by: lexii

It is easy to read than to understand. Same as easy to dream but hard to start.

Submitted by: Kathrine Yee Baraquia

The first step to achievement is the hardest one to take.

Submitted by: Starry...

Your goals are your own. Don’t let the people that say “you can’t” cloud your judgement.

Submitted by: Paul

As you reach one goal set another no matter how great or small it says something good about you

Submitted by: Beamrz

A man without ambition like a bird flying without directions.
Goal Quote: A man without ambition like a bird...

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Submitted by: julius

Set goals for yourself, not for other people.
Set goals for change in the future, not for things in your past
Live up to your full potential

Submitted by: JESSICA

Everything starts at the beginning.

Submitted by: cecil the great

Dont hasten the end result before you have completed the beginning. But likewise, don’t begin without looking toward the end result. This is so because the one who seeks the outset at the end loses providential care (‘inaya); and the one who seeks the end at the outset loses providential guidance (hidaya).
– Sidi Ahmed Zaruq (d.1492)

Submitted by: Shumaila

Always goal high…above your limit..and strive to achive it..

Submitted by: Bhumit

“If you want it, go get it.” As simple as that.

Submitted by: randy

Just think.. Pressure creates Diamonds.. So take it on rite? ;- )

Submitted by: Kid with a goal

Do you know the difference between being alive and living? having a goal is a big one

Submitted by: Aoex

Why tell me the sky is the limit, if there are foot prints on the moon?
Goal Quote: Why tell me the sky is the...

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Submitted by: M.McGuire

Don’t give up.. Give your dreams your best shot if you want to make them REAL! just Pray and believe in yourself.

Submitted by: Aubrey Fernandez

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