God Quotes, Sayings about God

We don’t know where God is, who God is or what God is… But God is!

Submitted by: RVM

God didn’t cancel your blessings, he postponed them for a good reason.

Submitted by: king Zane Worshiptologist

There are times when you call out to God and it seems he doesn’t answer, you may be going through a test. Everyone knows that the teacher never talks during a test!

Submitted by: Loren Adams

Give man your heart but give God your soul.

Submitted by: stanlee

If you don’t ever get what you want in life always know that God knows best.

Submitted by: stanlee

I love God’s shadow better than man’s life.

Submitted by: mary joy

If God is all you have, you have all you need.

Submitted by: mary joy

God’s blessings go far beyond anything we could ever dream.

In thinking about His many blessings, you view God’s work from a new perspective.
– Charles Stanley

A blessed man is a man who enjoys the power from on high in his life, and upon all he does.
– Sharon Akinoluwa

I have had to learn to follow God, even when I could not feel his blessing on my life.
– Christopher Roberts


Desiring what others have keeps us from being personally grateful for God’s many blessings.
– Lilliet Garrison

Make no mistake about it, responsibilities toward other human beings are the greatest blessings God can send us.
– Dorothy Dix

Always count your blessings and thank God for all that you have.
– Catherine Pulsifer

Confidently receive God’s abundant blessings. Think abundance, prosperity, and the best of everything.
– Norman Vincent Peale

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