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God does not work for you,
He works with you.
Have you done your part?

Submitted by: Santosh

When you get down to nothing, God is always up to something.

Submitted by: shavoris brown

If you do everything God’s way, your life will be so easy!

Submitted by: Katie

For Natalie
“For Jake Arana …… My friend I guess you are wrong ….. The main reason for a human to believe in a God or stick to a religion is FEAR …fear of the unknown and the hope to live forever someway.”
People who believe in God believe that there are some things in this world that are bigger then them…we don’t try to explain what we don’t know, cause we don’t need to, because we aren’t afraid of not knowing. I know I for one don’t fear much, even less now that I’ve started believing in God, and I was not forced to or made to believe through fear, it was something I realized for myself, I chose to and ever since, my life makes more sense, life’s obstacles are so much easier to get through, and I’m so much happier. My life now consists of doing the best I can with what I’ve got, I don’t expect nor need nor hope to live forever, I’m great with the life I’m living now, I’m happy, I have a great family, and I have a bright future…what more could I possibly need or ask for?

Submitted by: brabbit

I’m not expert. I’m not a great theologian or a quantum physicist. But I do read the Bible, and I do think about these things.
I could argue with you for hours about the logic of believing in God, about war, about religion, about morality, and truth. But in the end, deciding to place your faith in God has nothing to do with these things.
It all comes down the hole in our hearts, the one we all feel but deny the existence of desperately. Nothing we find in this life can ever fill that hole. Not money, not power, not any material possession. Not even love lasts indefinitely. I, and many others like me, have tried these things, and have found that only one thing seems to give meaning in an otherwise meaningless existence.
With God, life has meaning, life is full, life is happy. I can have money, and power and love now because I do not put my happiness in them. If I lose them, will I be destroyed? No! For I have found eternal completion in the arms of He who many say does not exist. Say what you will. I only know what I know.

Submitted by: The Educated Amateur

If God doesn’t exist then how was the universe created? Don’t tell me it all came from the “Big Bang” because if there is nothing…then “nothing” can’t explode! Some people say there was only dust and then the “Big Bang” happened. Well…where did the dust came from then?
I believe in God and I believe he created this earth that we live on and people. Some believe in Him, some say He doesn’t exist.
If you don’t believe in Him, please do me a favor and pray 2night to Him and He will answer you!

Submitted by: Tania

Life is interesting! Too often we co- sign verbally instead offer guidance and wisdom. Too! Often we seem to lack the wit and understanding to discern that this energy births negative reaction. When you see that another is experiencing an ordeal…Please pray for them; you’re only being allowed to witness this event because you’re NEXT!
(Abigail D. Eason Jan. 5th, 2010)

Submitted by: Abigail D. Eason

God helps those who help themselves.

Submitted by: Mononoke

God is a figment of man’s imagination.
All of humanity are atheists when it comes to the ancient Gods Thor, Zeus and Poseidon etc.

Submitted by: Rick

Anyway, God knows His ways.

Submitted by: Mabatho

God is greater than all!

Submitted by: Hussein max

For Jake Arana … My friend I guess you are wrong … The main reason for a human to believe in a God or stick to a religion is FEAR …fear of the unknown and the hope to live forever someway.

Submitted by: natalie

FAITH is not knowing God can…it’s knowing that he will.

Submitted by: OzGirl

Expect great thing from God, Attempt great things for God.

Submitted by: me :)

God is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am only 14 and I accepted Christ into my heart when I was 6. My life has some complications in it and I have often wondered where God was. I look back and I realize that while I was hurting and crying out to God, he was right there beside me holding my hand and helping me get through it. He was hurting because I was in pain. He loves me more that I can imagine! I look outside and I see his majesty in everything, the little details in the butterfly’s wing, in all the different kinds of flowers, in the sunrises and sunsets. When I lie in bed during a thunderstorm it reminds me of His amazing power. God has done many things for me and he has comforted me when no one else could.

Submitted by: Rita

We do our best, God does the rest!

Submitted by: God's child

God Answers ALL prayers; It’s just that sometimes his Answers Aren’t what you want.

Submitted by: Simy

God is good. God is real. He is the only light in this world and God has no fear.

Submitted by: mctbo

Friends will let down, but God will never let down.

Submitted by: Josh Bennett. (L.Y.B.)

My GOD is real…I dnt know about you guys but my GOD is real…without him where would we all be? some of you should be thanking GOD that you’re still here today…Why do you think all this stuff is happening to the U.S…Because they having taken GOD out of everything so GOD has taken his hand off of us…Y’all better repent and ask GOD to have MERCY on your soul because whats coming for y’all that trash GOD is very very UGLY…! AMEN!

Submitted by: Jazzy

God wouldn’t put you in difficult situations if he didn’t believe you couldn’t get through them.

Submitted by: Isabelle Roy

God only gives you as much as you can handle.

Submitted by: alove

Trust like everything depends on you, but believe like everything depends on God.

Submitted by: Mary Oppong

If god didnt make this life hard you wouldn’t know how great the next life is.

Submitted by: Lohveee

If you walk with god..you will always reach your destination.

Submitted by: Bayan

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