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When you go through hell, God will carry you. You won’t realize it until you look back where you started to walk and needed help.

Submitted by: Kelly

Religion’s greatest mistake: We are made in the image and likeness of God and yet we spend most of our lives making a god in our own image.
Religion’s greatest secret: we are all unconditionally loved by God.

Submitted by: John Lawson

Life is short, Live for God

Submitted by: darren

Rejection is God’s protection.

Submitted by: Abby.T

He who walks with god always get to their destination.

Submitted by: Guy

GOD ,like Ghosts and Aliens, You either believe or you don’t believe in what you cannot see.

Submitted by: JOHN ODILON

Religion is the cause for all wars.
Religion will end mankind.

Submitted by: Luc

We perceive our thoughts and its origin to be original, yet in fact it’s only a blast communication sent out by God. (Abigail D. Eason Feb. 20th, 2009)

Submitted by: Abigail D. Eason

Thinking… Man’s lost of understanding; Satan’s advocate and the source of rebellion against God’s will. (Abigail D. Eason Feb. 20th, 2009)

Submitted by: Abigail D Eason

Wondering nurtures doubt, creating lack, but without either faith would not be birthed.
(Abigail D. Eason Feb. 20th, 2009)

Submitted by: Abigail D. Eason

GOD is good all the time!

Submitted by: Phil

Technology without morality is God’s only opponent-

Submitted by: Joe Clean

God represents himself THROUGH people who have lived according to the way he intended.

Submitted by: Joe Clean

To have faith is GOOD, but to do something for faith is even BETTER.

Submitted by: Kathrine Yee Baraquia

Sacrificing something for God is actually doing something for yourself.

Submitted by: Kathrine Yee Baraquia

I understand what nick is saying its nothing bad or wrong about God he is saying, “Let God out so he can fix this mess” he means lets all realize we have God in us and start doing our part in this world in the name of God to help clean up the mess this world has become.

Submitted by: mikey smith

God who has created everything, no one beside him created a thing!
God is merciful, therefore he forgives who repents, not punishes someone for others’ sin!

Submitted by: Raghda Muhammad

God always listen to your prayer… Only we have to be patient for the answer.

Submitted by: Raymond Lester Tampah

Hello There Alright Ill Write Some Quotes At The Bottom Of What I Have Too Say. So I have Been Reading Through Some Of the things Everone Is Saying, And I Have Too Say That I Agree, And Disagree. I Am A Very Strong Christian Yes, But I Still Have My Doubts. Some Of You Talk About The Things You Obviously Know Nothhing About. Many Of you Say Its Made Up, But If It Explain Miracles? But Than I Know The Question That Comes Next You’ll Tell Me Too Explain Distruction and Murder, Right? Well God Gives Us A Choice, Too Live For Him And Walk With Him, Or To Turn Away, Way Back When Adam And Eve Were Designed. Eve Ate The Apple, Remember This Story? Well She Chose Too Disobey God. That Was Her Choice. If You Say There Is No God Because There is Destruction And Murder, And Disasters, Than You Are Wrong. With Every Positive There Is A Negative. God, Satan. Remember? There Is A Spiritual Battle Going On Everyday. The Horrbile Things We Live Through On Earth, Would Be Satan Working. Even Though He Will Not Win, He Is Taking As Many People Has He Can. If You Guys Have Any Questions I Would Be Glad Too Answer Them. I Use Too Be Repentful Against Christ. I Didnt Believe. I Didnt Want Too. But My Tesimony I Wont Go Into. I Just Thought You Should Know there Is A God. And He Is Watching. (:
{God, Is, Was, And Always Will be.
People say “If there is a God than why doesnt he create people that have answers too cancer?” – He did, People Aborted Them. }

Submitted by: Allison Bryant (15)

You can hate me, or you can love me, but in the end, only GOD can judge me.

Submitted by: sammy (:

Lets make a smile reading this :)
” Religion its name
can’t save you “..
Coz it is in YOU…

Submitted by: A.cool

Faith in God is the best medicine…

Submitted by: arjohn m. antony

Don’t tell your God how big your storm is, tell your storm how big your God is.

Submitted by: Ashley

“I am against religion because it teaches us to be satisfied with not understanding the world.”
Richard Dawkins
“Beliefs are what divide people. Doubt unites them.”
Peter Ustinov
“Most people can’t bear to sit in church for an hour on Sundays. How are they supposed to live somewhere very similar to it for eternity?”
Mark Twain
“The invisible and the non- existent look very much alike.”
Delos B. McKown

Submitted by: richard

I believe in God because he believes in me.
Trust in him, believe in him, and love him, and good things will happen. He loves you and when things get tough, know he is always there. Even when you don’t feel him around you, he is always there.
Tonight I turn all my worries over to God. He will be up all night anyway!!!

Submitted by: He lives in me

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