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Ummmm… I don’t know who wrote half of these… But that is really messed up! God is real!! I don’t know who you are or what you are thinking… But I know he lives in me each and every day and no matter what happeneds I will still love him!

Submitted by: amanda

The poorest man on earth who is friends with god is richer than the richest man who is not friends with god
God Quote: The poorest man on earth who is...

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Submitted by: mees2.yous~

God can turn water into wine, but he can’t turn your whining into anything.

Submitted by: Drew

Remember GOD always.

Submitted by: Aams

Religion is the opium of the masses

Submitted by: wayne wilkins

God is always with you… You just need to pay attention.
God Quote: God is always with you… You just...

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Submitted by: Raegan

God is a force in every being, deciding if it’s a higher entity or part of your own consciousness is up to you.

Submitted by: Mervin

God is not my “co- pilot”, he is in full control!

Submitted by: NANA

God is mother on the lips and hearts of all children.

Submitted by: melessa

Who are you to judge? Leave the jugding to God, he who judges others will be judged.
God Quote: Who are you to judge? Leave the...

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Submitted by: Rany: smokin aces

God is great!!! He does good things and everything He does is for a reason!!!! Yes He is real!! He is in my heart!!!
God Quote: God is great!!! He does good things...

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Submitted by: Alisha

When his life was ruined, his family killed, his farm destroyed, Job knelt down on the ground and yelled up to the heavens, “Why god? Why me?” and the thundering voice of God answered, There’s just something about you that pisses me off.


God is the place where I do not remember the rest.
- Joseph Joubert


For no god may undo what another god has done.
- Ovid


It is convenient that there be gods, and, as it is convenient, let us believe there are.
- Ovid


God himself helps those who dare.
- Ovid


God hides the fires of hell within paradise.
- Paulo Coelho


It is said that all people who are happy have God within them.
- Paulo Coelho


God always offers us a second chance in life.
- Paulo Coelho


The universe is a machine for the making of Gods.
- Henri Bergson


Facts are God’s arguments; we should be careful never to misunderstand or pervert them.
- Tryon Edwards


People see God every day, they just don’t recognize him.
- Pearl Bailey


God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?”
- William Arthur Ward


Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.


I know God won’t give me anything I can’t handle. I just wish he didn’t trust me so much.
- Mother Teresa

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