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God is knocking at your heart, waiting for your reply.

Submitted by: DMM

God always gives his best to those who leave the choice with him.

Live your life for God and God will lead your life to a world full of love and true happiness.

God loves me even when I don’t forward those chain letters.

God give me nothing I wanted. He gave me everything I needed.

Submitted by: Yuvi

If you are asking for forgiveness from our heavenly father, do not repeat what you have asked forgiveness for.

Submitted by: Arlyn Laura Mei

God will make a way. :)

Submitted by: mhiellefioure

Life is a privileged existence, with a mandate of service to God and humanity.

Submitted by: Royal Citizen

Commit your work to the Lord and he will crown your efforts with success.

Submitted by: Amelia Bujiyan

Are you looking for someone who will never let you down?
Look up!
God is always there.

Submitted by: Mar Yann ..:)
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