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I don’t think that goodbye is the hardest part,, for me its when he does not say it but mean it:((

Submitted by: blaaaaaaaaaah

I can tell you loved me when I see a tear slip down your face. Goodbye.

Submitted by: keli

If you never look forward to anything, you will never be disappointed

Submitted by: dustin bowen

It hurts…….

Submitted by: Annas

Its hard to say goodbye to someone you love specailly the one you love but never was able to had

Submitted by: jake.a

If you are in love he tells you goodbye yes it hurts and yes you want to die… Its gonna hurt so bad but if you think about all the memories you remember what you had and yes it kills you and if he tells you to your face not in a text not on the phone to your face yes its true he never wants to see you AGAIN but if he doesn’t then he still has feelings for you and it would hurt him too bad if he could never hear your voice again!!

Submitted by: Alisha

True love never has a happy ending, because love never really wants it.

Submitted by: Zoey

Real friend don’t say goodbye.

Submitted by: STUDZI

I want to be able to smile again but even the thought of a smile makes me think about yours and thats wat really hurts

Submitted by: first

“Sometimes goodbye is the only way…”

Submitted by: Slash18

I will never say goodbye I will just say I miss you…and I love you.

Submitted by: manoj kumar

It hurts to say goodbye to the person you love most

Submitted by: frieza pacardo

I think the hardest part of holding on is letting it go.

Submitted by: alex

When I told you good bye.. My heart broke just as much as yours did even though you had no idea because I put on a tough face..

Submitted by: it hurts

If you really care about that person…
Saying goodbye hurts you as much as it does the person you are saying it to..

Submitted by: Nicole

Why is it that every ‘hello’ makes the ‘goodbye’ even harder to say?

Submitted by: Kort

Never say goodbye cause you will never know when your going to Lose them..

Submitted by: Jasmine

Don’t be sad because you’re saying goodbye, you should be happy because you have memories with them that you’ll cherish forever.

Submitted by: alyanna

I’m scared to open my eyes and know that this is a dream, I’m scared to close my eyes beacuse then you might disappear

Submitted by: tariq muflehi

I’ve always looked forward to the times we’d meet. I guess I can only look back from now on…Goodbye.

Submitted by: Jully

In your mind you know your gonna miss them but you
are glad because you know you will see them again

Submitted by: Luba Poole

When I said hello to you, I never thought I would end up having to say goodbye so soon.

Submitted by: TAMIA

Goodbye is something you do before you die. Cya later is something you do when you will see them agian even in yor heart.

Submitted by: Danielle

Saying goodbye is the hardest thing you have to do when you love someone..but sometimes its the best thing to do.

Submitted by: dani

Goodbye is a word of sorrow and a word wich can hurt you from the inside, however “see you” is word of happiness knowing that they will come back into your arms.

Submitted by: Jake

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