Goodbye Quotes and Sayings

The day you said goodbye was the day my heart shattered to pieces.

Submitted by: Stud muffin

I’m afraid, afraid to see your face again, afraid of all those feelings rushing back… Maybe just maybe…i’m most afraid of being in love with you still… And that’s what I fear the most…

Submitted by: Miranda

No matter how much it hurts in the beginning, goodbye makes me miss you less, knowing that you are really gone this time.

Submitted by: jullia

Saying goodbye to someone… Just means that there’s a hello waiting around the corner.

Submitted by: A Single Gothic Rose

Saying goodbye may be a hard thing to do, however in the end it will be worth it, because then you’ll be free from all the pain they caused you.

Submitted by: Vicky

I knew you best when I said goodbye to you, you should have fought for me.

Submitted by: Zoe

Never say goodbye when you still want to try, never give up when you still feel you can go on, Never say you don’t love the person anymore when you can’t let go.

Submitted by: sabeeha vally

When a loved one says goodbye….it does not make someone feel bad…till they realize that their heart is really aching when he/she is not around.

Submitted by: simi

I’ll never want to say goodbye to you. I want to hold on to your hand forever.. Till the day I die. See you tomorrow is what I want to hear.. I love you not I hate you. Hello.. Not goodbye… Forever… Not months.

Submitted by: Mallory Chiasson

When you love someone goodbyes are hard…But When you love someone so fully They will always stay in your heart…

Submitted by: Samantha

The first hello holds the echos of the last goodbye.

Submitted by: Danny

Saying goodbye is just physical, she remains in your heart forever!

Submitted by: edwin of roxas

Life goes on, theres no rewind button, its alway difficult to say goodbye for the last time

Submitted by: echin

Goodbyes are harder than hellos, Why? Because nobody wants to say goodbye to a good hello.

Submitted by: Yasmin

Goodbye is not the end…it’s one way of showing acceptance…that not all things are meant to last forever…don’t hesitate to say goodbye, instead convince yourself that it’s somehow, a part of what we call ‘”WONDERFUL LIFE”

Submitted by: janz

Saying goodbye doesn’t mean you’re really leaving and forget everything.
The reason why its hard to utter the word is that we can’t get rid of turning back again..

Submitted by: dbest

Saying goodbye to someone you truely love means saying goodbye to your true happiness’

Submitted by: Melody

Amazing how a “goodbye” sometimes turns into a “Why did I let you go?”.

Submitted by: zeus M

Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven.

Why do we have to say HELLO and I LOVE you if we have to say goodbye in the end?

Submitted by: ronald ledesma

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