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A home filled with grandchildren is a home filled with love.

Few things are more satisfying than seeing your children have teenagers of their own.
Doug Larson

I’m retired, but I work part-time: spoiling my grandkids!

I have a warm feeling after playing with my grandchildren. It’s the liniment working.

Surely, two of the most satisfying experiences in life must be those of being a grandchild or a grandparent.
– Donald A. Norberg

An hour with your grandchildren can make you feel young again. Anything longer than that, and you start to age quickly.
Gene Perret

Elephants and grandchildren never forget.
– Andy Rooney

Everyone needs to have access both to grandparents and grandchildren in order to be a full human being.
– Margaret Mead

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If I had known how wonderful it would be to have grandchildren, I’d have had them first.
– Lois Wyse

Posterity is the patriotic name for grandchildren.
– Art Linkletter

Never have children, only grandchildren.
– Gore Vidal
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