Heaven Quotes and Sayings

Heaven is the place where all the dogs you ever loved come to greet you.

When I die, I hope to go to Heaven, whatever the Hell that is.
Ayn Rand

In heaven, all the interesting people are missing.
Friedrich Nietzsche

To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.

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Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven.
John Milton


Heaven is not somewhere you go. It is something you carry within you.

If there’s no chocolate in Heaven, I’m not going.
– Jane Seabrook

God created heaven on earth but man created hell.
Santosh Kalwar

They say there’s a heaven for those who will wait. Some say it’s better, but I say it ain’t. I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. Sinners are much more fun.
– Billy Joel

You can’t enter Heaven unless God enters you.

Heaven is not the place that you go when you DIE, its that moment in LIFE you actually feel ALIVE.


Heaven would be Hell in no time if every cruel, selfish, vicious soul went to Heaven.
– Anne Rice

I think Heaven will be like a first kiss.
– Sarah Addison Allen

It’s easier for a rich man to ride that camel through the eye of a needle directly into the Kingdom of Heaven, than for some of us to give up our cell phone.
– Vera Nazarian

They who believe and do righteous deeds- those are the companions of Paradise; they will abide therein eternally.
– Quran

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