Horse Quotes and Sayings

Why do I ride horses? I do because in a horse I see my life, my dreams, my life. When I look in a mirror I see a person, but when I look at a horse I see me.

Submitted by: Lauren Weesner

Lord grant me the patience of my horse.

Submitted by: Jeff

The horse will speak to you, just listen.

Submitted by: Madisyn

I am his eyes. He is my wings.
I an his voice. He is my spirit.
I am his human and he is my horse.

Submitted by: Jjhorsey0505

Horses are not my whole life they make my life whole.

Submitted by: Renae05

My horse knows more about me than me.

Submitted by: Missy

You think I’m crazy you should see me without my horse.

Submitted by: Missy gunnels

Every girl should find that one horse that teaches her what love is. Teaches her what a relationship really is, teaches her trust, how to love unconditionally, and most importantly, to teach her to cherish every moment spent with that horse because there is going to come a time when her best friend is gone. And her heart will be broken. That is what love is.

Submitted by: Mikayla

The sound of thunder is a horses hoof beats in the sky.

Submitted by: Ellie bellis

No heaven can be if my horse isn’t there to welcome me.

If you haven’t fallen off a horse…then you haven’t been ridin long enough.

Submitted by: Hillbillie Deluxe

To me a horse isn’t a burden, it is a treasure. So grab the reins and ride!

Submitted by: Reatta Jones

I never fall off.
I just,
Dismount with style.

Submitted by: HORSA_CLOTHING

I don’t have a horse but I rode on fine form a race horse until he got sold its been a year now and I still cry over him. I will never forget the wonderful times we spend together.

Submitted by: hannah kleber

Some call it a phase, I call it a shameless obsession.

Submitted by: Chelsea

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