Horse Quotes and Sayings


When people say it’s JUST a horse, they JUST don’t understand…

Submitted by: Hannah

A Life without horses, is like taking a breath without air.

Submitted by: Meghan M.

If you want to know about a horse’s life just look into his eyes.

Submitted by: S-A-M-A-N-T-H-A ;-)

Its funny, my horse knows more things about me, than my best friend.

Submitted by: Casey

Heaven is on the back of a horse

Submitted by: Hailie

When I fall off of a horse I don’t check and make sure I’m alright, ill be just fine I’ll check the horse and make sure he is okay.

Submitted by: torie

You know when you are a horse person when you start clucking at people to move.

Submitted by: Sam

A horse is your best friend you can tell them anything and no one will ever know

Submitted by: hayllie

If God created anything more Beautiful then a horse he kept it for himself.

Submitted by: Jess 3104

Lord if we should fall, my horse and I, please pick up my horse first.

Submitted by: Ryan

Strength lies within the heart but the strengh to trust lies between the horse and his rider!!!

Submitted by: Caitlyn

He may knock down a pole, but he will never break my heart

Submitted by: Michelle

If you live a life without horses-
You don’t live a life at all…

Submitted by: Megg-Horselover101

Home is where the horse is… So I’ll be in the barn!!

Submitted by: molly

The only real place for a true horse lover is on the back of a horse.

Submitted by: Callie Grob

There’s one thing that you can always be absolutely positive of. I’d rather clean a stall then go to the mall!

Submitted by: Anonymous

The worst part of riding is when you dismount.

Submitted by: Danica W.

The more I get to know men… The more I love my horse!!

Submitted by: Ezzy

Even when your horse is gone they still live in your heart forever, and when it is time for you to be sent home to them, you will find that special horse again.

Submitted by: Jollene Martin

In life, horses are some of the best friends you’ll ever have!

Submitted by: Meghan

In the quiet light of the stable, you hear a muffled snort, a stamp of a hoof, a friendly nicker. Gentle eyes inquire “How are you old friend?” and suddenly, all your troubles fade away.
– Author Unknown

Submitted by: Jennifer

If you haven’t fallen off a horse…then you haven’t been ridin long enough.

Horse Quote: If you haven’t fallen off a horse…then...

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Submitted by: Hillbillie Deluxe

You fell off your bike, and you cried. I got thrown off my horse, and I got back on.

Submitted by: Sophia

“If life hands you reins, take them without question and ride into a world of paradise.” – K.R. (me)
“There is no better way to connect with nature than to ride bareback.” K.R.

Submitted by: katie r

If you tell me riding isn’t a sport, I will tell you to get on my horse. I will prove you wrong.

Submitted by: Sophia

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