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The horse is the example of friends some might be wild and free but even when you don’t see them they still see you and if you have well lets just say you’re lucky! but wherever you go they always follow.

Submitted by: tori

When you fall off your bike… GET ON A HORSE!!!!

Submitted by: Gelly

Some people will doubt that you can win but if you have faith in your horse, you can accomplish anything
If you fall of a horse and he horse doesn’t even flinch, you know that you found the right horse

Submitted by: ali

Feeling down? saddle up!

Submitted by: becky

A world without horses is like a heart without a beat…

Submitted by: Damra Camat

If you think jumping isn’t extreme, try on my boots, use my saddle!

Submitted by: E-M-M-A

Now I can live forever..i have a horse

Submitted by: laci anne jones

My life without horses would be like the sky without clouds; empty.
To be in harmony with your horse means to become one, heart beat to hoofbeat.

Submitted by: Ali

The love of horses knows not its own depth until the hour of seperation.

Submitted by: Leigh

What heaven can heaven be, if my horse is not with me
My boyfriend told me to choose him or the horse, I better go get my saddle.
Throw your heart over the fence, and the horse will follow.

Submitted by: Emily

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