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A horse is a friend you’ll never have, a horse can tell when your down and mad at the world, they can tell when you just want to canter or walk, they always know what to do when something is wrong, you can always tell there is a strong bond between a girl and her horse.
A secret is shared between a horse and rider every time you hit their back.
Run, Run until you can’t run no more, that’s what I do when I am upset, the wind through your hair in a big open field and you feel free just to do whatever you want.

Submitted by: J*E*N*N

I bet horses can teach you A LOT more life lessons that any coach ever could.

Submitted by: kenna

I was a normal girl…then I bought my first horse!

Submitted by: Lau

My life without horses would be like the sky without clouds; empty.
To be in harmony with your horse means to become one, heart beat to hoofbeat.

Submitted by: Ali

When Is see a horse I see freedom, when I am with a horse I don’t feel alone… I feel loved and I know that I am NOT alone.

Submitted by: Jessica Sage

When you can live forever.. What do you live for?? A Horse of course

Submitted by: Taylor

My best friend is my horse.
I can’t trust anyone but I can trust my horse
You’ve never broken my heart…only my bones.
When I am with my horse I am someone.. When I’m not, I am no one.
When you ride a horse.. You are floating across the ground.

Submitted by: Taylor

A horse is not an animal, it’s a human trapped in a sleek, graceful body.
If you really love to ride, then you fall off on a daily basis.
My horse is so pampered, you wish you were her!

Submitted by: Tales

Who ever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about abandoned horses.

Submitted by: The horselover

Whats scarer when mad, a 200 pound football player or a 1200 pound mare?
Riding is a real sport with real athletes.
If horseback riding was easy they would call it football.

Submitted by: shelby

Cat looks down at a man…
Dog looks up at a man…
But a Horse,
Looks a man square in the eye,
and sees him as equal.

Submitted by: Libby

Secrets are the safest when they are with a horse!

Submitted by: Rebecca

The more I get to know men… The more I love my horse!!

Submitted by: Ezzy

Some people will doubt that you can win but if you have faith in your horse, you can accomplish anything
If you fall of a horse and he horse doesn’t even flinch, you know that you found the right horse

Submitted by: ali

Without horses there well be no happiness on earth.

Submitted by: Ally

A life without horses is possible, But pointless.

Submitted by: Ally

There’s one thing that you can always be absolutely positive of. I’d rather clean a stall then go to the mall!

Submitted by: Anonymous

The saddle is my home.
Ride to live, live to ride.
Cowgirls don’t cry, ride baby ride.

Submitted by: shannon smith

If I die, it would be on the back of a horse.

Submitted by: Soraya Ann

To GALLOP, you need FOUR beats:
One is MIND, Two is WISDOM, Three is TRUST and Four is LOVE.
– SAW (Me)
The only TRUE LOVE Is that of you and your horse.
Love at first sight Isn’t UNHEARD OF; Most girls just haven’t met A MUSTANG.
There are only a few things you need to love: Your hearts, Your souls, A shared passion, YOUR HORSE.
Knowing my horse is waiting, doesn’t make me WALK faster, It makes me RUN.
Most people say, ‘Riding Isn’t a SPORT’- And they’re right. It isn’t a sport; IT’S MY LIFE.
Did you say, ‘I hate horses’?
I thought you said,
The only thing that keeps me SANE is my INSANE horse.
A week without RIDING is a week of DEPRESSION.
I’ll listen for your HOOFBEATS in HEAVEN.
– Author Unknown.
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Submitted by: sasha013

When we ride horses, we borrow a bit of their freedom.

Submitted by: Katie

Ends are Endless when you are on a horse.

Submitted by: Penny

Riding is another word for freedom.

Submitted by: RosieRae

It’s the truth all right, Hours spent in the barn, are life’s stolen pleasures.

Submitted by: Katie

Treat you as good as my horse?… Never

Submitted by: Chelsie

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