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No heaven can be if my horse isn’t there to welcome me.

Horse Quote: No heaven can be if my horse...

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Without horses there well be no happiness on earth.

Submitted by: Ally

Horses are all we need because they are God’s gift to you.

Submitted by: Olivia Hamblen

I’ve Spent most of my life looking for my perfect soul mate…
He was right in front of me.
The one I tell all my secrets too.
The one who never says anything rude back.
The one I spend all my time with!
That would be my horse!!!!! :)

Submitted by: Abigail Rikki

There is no place like home but the barn!

Submitted by: me

As a matter of fact. The world does revolve around my horse!

Submitted by: miley

A barn isn’t a barn if there are no horses in it.

Submitted by: Christine

People say horses complete me but I say they’re the other half of me. <3

Submitted by: Rachelle

Some people say riding isn’t a sport but we say its a way of life!

Submitted by: Mandy!!

They have pushed us aside, ignored our true talent. Said “it’s not a sport” “It’s easy”. Well, here’s life through our eyes. 40 miles per hour, is slow, 5 feet in the air, is nothing, controlling 1200 pounds with only your hand and leg, is simple. We endure the worst conditions, we embrace the small moments. We strive for perfection, and with our horses to stand by us, together. Let’s prove them, wrong. We are equestrians, and we would like to see you try it.

Submitted by: DarciP
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