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As a matter of fact. The world does revolve around my horse!

Submitted by: miley

A true horse person is someone who not just love’s to ride, but LIVES to ride
Friends leave when life is boring and boyfriends leave when times are tough, but a horse will always be with you

Submitted by: nicole

Tell me it can’t be done, and I will do it.
Tell me the goal is too high, and I will reach it.
Place an obstical in front of me. And I will soar over it.
Challenge me, Dare me, or even defy me.
But do NOT underestimate me.
For on the back of my horse ANYTHING is possible.

Submitted by: Joshie's girl

Horses are different than people they never stop loving

Submitted by: Christina

It is not how a riders horse performs; but it is how the rider and the horse perform together as one.

Submitted by: Jordan

Some people say riding isn’t a SPORT,
But i’d love to see them try

Submitted by: mary

Even the Greenest horse has something to teach the greatest rider

Submitted by: Alexa?

This is one little girl that would rather clean a horse stall then her own room.

Submitted by: Becky

You see a horse…
i see…

Submitted by: Erica

When all else fails, hug your horse.

Submitted by: Veronica
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